We believe enjoyable cuisine helps create a more complete atmosphere to an already enjoyable occasion. Therefore we would like to invite you to try our recipes at our very own lakeside restaurant “Krua-Rim-Nam”
Krau-Rim-Nam serves Thai and local dishes that are traditionally rich and sharp in taste, prepared by our skilled and experienced chefs. All of the ingredients used have been very well selected and carefully prepared so the quality is guaranteed.
The vast lake right next to Krua-Rim-Nam offers a refreshing and beautiful setting, whether you are here only for a nice meal or to enjoy your party. We have, at your service, private reception rooms and lakeside terrace that suitable for banquets or dinner receptions. And special every evening with the music balcony to bring about a more musical environment with songs from our singers, and you are certainly welcome to join in and show off your singing skills as you please.
We hope that once you have experienced the service of Krua-rim-nam you will be impressed with our cuisines and atmosphere and choose to visit us again in the future.

Recommended Dishes
  Spicy string bean salad serves with crispy pork and boiled eggs .
Pad-mee Korat Resort
  Thai fried Noodle (using the famous local noodles with our special recipe)
  Herb & Spice Salad serves with piperaceae leaves.
  The famous Thai Hot and sour prawn soup with coconut.
  Deep fried “Rad” fish topped with deep fried garlic.
Opening Hours
Sunday–Thursday : 10.00 – 21.00 o'clock
Friday & Saturday : 10.00 – 22.00 o'clock