There are number of interesting local tourist attractions within driving distance from Korat Resort Hotel.
Dan-Kwian ( )
A village famous for their potteries which use the earth from the bank of “Moon River” tourists can learn about pottery from the villagers and shop for varieties of souvenirs.(5 mins from the hotel)
Korat Zoo ( )
A place where everyone in the family can enjoy, learning about animal lives from the local staffs as well as other fun-filled activities including the newly opened Water Park. (10 mins from the hotel)
Petrified Wood Museum ( )
The first of its kind in the country, and only one of 7 in the world, the place with collective knowledge of Petrified Wood. There is also the “Ancient Mammoth Museum” as well as the “Dinosaur Museum”, very special and suitable for all ages (15 mins from the hotel)
Pa-Co Temple
Religious construction, built from white sand stones and Ka-Mae architectural design, comparable to the likes of the stone temples of Pi-Mai and Pa-Nom-Roong mountain (20 mins from the hotel)
Korat Country Club ( )
One the first 18 holes golf courses of Nakornratchasima (20 mins from the hotel)
A local town nationally famous for their silks with hundreds of shops and varieties of silk products, a heaven for shoppers who are long for traditional Thai Silk (25 mins from the hotel)
Nakornratchasima (Korat) City Center ( )
The city filled with history and cultures, you can pay a visit to the statue of Lady Suranaree, the local heroine respected by all who were born here in Korat. There are many beautiful and historically important temples around the city plus the restaurant or the street-side carts through out the city where you can enjoy the local delicacies from the restaurants throughout the city. (20 mins from the hotel)
Jim Thompson Farm ( )
A place where culture and tradition of North Eastern Thais are revealed as well as many interesting activities especially the tour in the farm where the produces are available to be taken home (40 mins from the hotel)